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Adeel Shams


Adeel Shams 2022: Bio, Net Worth, and Endorsements

Adeel Shams is an Entrepreneur and has achieved heights in his career at a very young age. As far as his net worth is concerned, he has a net worth of around $7.5 million. He was born on October 6, 1991.

Adeel Shams and Davos Artis have started it together and his store’s name is Cool Kicks. They sell sneakers and footwear but they target sneakers to get more sales. They have a variety of sneakers available they have streetwear kind of stuff also. Some are made by themselves. Starting in 2014 to making more than a million in 2022 is not an easy thing to do besides the cut-throat competition.

Sources are when he started he was having only 400-500 pairs of shoes. He has three stores in Los Angeles which he likes the most and he once said in an interview how much he loves LA and that the food here is awesome.

He resells after taking it from another seller and some of them are made by him but for now, he is focusing more on reselling rather than producing on his own as you know producing something is a bit of a more tense job to do. His hometown is Los Angeles which made him understand the market better.

Adeel was in his days of graduation when he started entrepreneurship he was very keen on collecting sneakers and has always wanted to do this and he also said that his passion is to work for selling, trading, etc. He sold his shares for starting his work and has also collected all the money to start his passion and that is the true entrepreneur in the real sense.

The company Cool Kicks specializes in purchasing, exchanging, and reselling the most recent, brand-new, recycled, or used sneakers.

Net Worth (2022) $7.5 Million
Monthly Salary (Approx) $60k
Age in 2022 30 years
Born Oct 6, 1991
Place Los Angeles
Country America
Profession Businessman
Last Updated 10-11-22

Adeel Shams Age

Adeels Shams age is 30 years. He is having a successful career on youtube as well.

Adeel Shams Education

He completed his degree in marketing from the University of Virginia Commonwealth. He also completed his master of science at VCU Brandcenter in Creative Brand Management. Adeel was a decent student. He used to study concepts and he was not a bookworm. He used to participate in sports and won certain certifications and he was very keen on business and that brought him here.

Adeel Shams Relationship Status

Adeel Shams has not revealed his status and so we do not have his relationship status but sources were of him dating someone. Name is yet to be known.


Adeel Shams’ Parents and Family

He was very loved by the family. He was very honest and dedicated at work and he once said in an interview when the interviewer asked Adeel about what he wanna say to his family he said I made it mom.

Adeel Shams Cars

Adeel Shams finally bought his dream car. He bought Rolls-Royce on January 13, 2020. He finally made it big. He did it because of his Cool Kicks sneaker business.

Adeel Shams Height and Weight

Adeels’ height is around 5’8 and his weight is somewhere between 150 pounds. He is very fond of health consciousness.

Adeel Shams Social Media Handles

Here is link of his social media handles 

Linked In



Important facts about Adeel Shams

      • He is having 7.5 million and is one of the youngest entrepreneurs.

        • Owner of Cool Kicks sneaker store.

          • He is a deep thinker about business and stuff.

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