Good Food Paragraph and 5 Suggested Healthy Food

Good Food Good Life

We say good food good life. But do we follow it? By good food what do we mean? Do we mean the food showing good scientifically or actually, well it is a big question. Now let us talk about how we can know what is good or not.

Good food consists which contains more protein, minimum carbs, and a good amount of energy and fat in it. So it depends from body to body like what food is good for whom. Now you have to understand your body like how your body reacts to eating the food that is considered good and also good for your body type.

Good foods include green leafy vegetables. Eating the right food is the key to success for your physical and mental growth as well. You should have zinc in your diet as it is the most essential thing as far as diet is concerned. You should not eat or eat in less amount oily stuff like French Fries, Deep Fried Meats and much more. We think we are eating right but it is more of bad than good.

What is the Right Diet For You?

The right diet means meeting the protein content for the day. Suppose your weight is around 50kg and your height is around 4ft 5in. So you need to take around 90 grams of protein at a minimum. It also depends upon your height and how much your weight should be. So eating right your protein is the key to your muscle growth.

You must eat all the essential vitamins before it’s late. What we do is we eat every vital vitamin or mineral every time we get a disease but we should take care of our body before it starts to create problems. Vitamin A for the eyes, Vitamin D for your physical health, and to be hydrated. You can search and you will get the desired list. Also, exercise is a must if you want to stop aging to an extent where you will not regret it.

5 Foods You Should Eat Everyday

1. Almond

Almond is a must for everyone. Do you know what is the essential nutrients almond cover?

Let’s understand. Everybody knows Vitamin E is a valuable source for our body which boosts our immunity and strengthen our nervous system. Almonds are an excellent source of Vitamin E. One can eat almonds according to their body type. 5-7 Almonds a day is considered safe according to various research. Almonds are considered healthy nuts as far as eating dry fruits is concerned. It is one of the good food.

2. Spinach

Spinach is the best food not just the good food but the best one among the lists. Spinach has iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. Spinach also is a great source of Vitamin A and Vit K. Spinach boosts energy and spinach is kind of hot in nature so if anyone’s troubled with cold and stuff and it stays all the time so one must consider eating spinach on a regular basis.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts are also good food. Walnuts are eaten in the winter season to be precise. But many people eat walnuts on a regular basis as walnuts are the best in terms of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts protect one from chronic diseases. It is considered a medicine for some people because of its properties. People drink milk with eating walnuts. It can be taken with cashew as well.

4. Banana

Banana is good for digestion as it contains digestive properties but for some people, banana is not recommended as it is not good for diseases like migraine as we have said it depends from body to body. But in general, banana is also good for heart-related coming diseases. It is good for energy also. Eating 2-3 bananas per day is good for body health and for metabolism.

5. Peanut

Be it peanut or peanut butter. It is good as far as protein is concerned. It is good to be taken with brown bread to mix carbohydrates and protein. It can be replaced with roti. So you can eat it on regular basis for energy and for muscle growth. Peanuts are a good source of protein, fat, and fiber. It helps to keep cholesterol levels at a good rate.


We tried to cover all the things we can provide with accuracy. We are not doctors we just research and try to provide as much correct info as we can we are not suggesting anything and we are not even taking any kind of guarantee of the accuracy rate. But we are promising to deliver the best content we can. Read more.

One must visit the WHO for the right knowledge.

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