I want to kill myself, wait you shouldn’t

First of all this is a sensible topic, Believe me I won’t lie a single word here my only motive is how can I help. I know this is something you don’t wanna listen but please just for a second read this then trust me you will be a complete different person. Why do you want to commit suicide is your problem the biggest in the world, I won’t say no, It may be true because that is why you aren’t able to live that nicely. But let me tell you the person writing this blog is also dealing too much he had also somewhere thought like what you are thinking but he is having some sort of care for his dear ones because we can escape problems by committing suicide but what will change for your dear ones. Aren’t they also facing some sort of problems which you are facing?

No we don’t wanna think of them we are just concerned for ourself, Are you that selfish. I think you are not you didn’t get any guidance but I am here to give you guidance. You can deal with problems just give some time and act differently you will be able to see a whole new perspective to look things and once you act differently your problems starts to decrease a lil. If you are thinking problems will end that’s not gonna happen neither for you nor for anyone else in this world. Even god in human’s face whichever god you are considering has had faced problems so there are no happy souls living on earth as forever happy souls. Someone guided me and now I am guiding you. Mail me If you need help I will help you for free. I assure you. Don’t feel like I am going to kill myself tonight, I will kill myself, I kill myself, or whatever you are feeling.

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