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Peter Sage Net Worth (2022) Updated: Wife, Age, Book, Height

peter sage


Peter Sage is an Author by profession. He resides in the USA and he is 50 years old. He has transformed more than 35k students worldwide through his lessons. He is an inspiration for many people.

Peter Sage is a British Author and he was born on June 13, 1972, in Leicester. He has written 2 books that are named :

1. How to master your life in 2015

2. The inside track

Peter Sage Net Worth – $2 Million

Peter Sage’s Net Worth is around $2 million. His books are so informative that one can understand many things coming before one experiences. As many people suggest reading books and this book is a must-read book. He is an expert.

Peter Quoted – No matter how much you hustle or how hard you “work on yourself”, you struggle through life only to end up with the same damn results leaving you tired, frustrated, unhappy, and asking…“what am I missing?”

Peter Sage is also an Entrepreneur. He has invested in many companies and he is also interested in Tech.

NamePeter Sage
Net Worth$2 Million
Age50 Years
WifeThea Sage
Updated OnNovember 2022

Peter Sage Net Worth of the Last 4 Years

Net Worth 2022$2 Million
Net Worth 2021$1.5 Million
Net Worth 2020$1 Million
Net Worth 2019$985K

Personal Life

Peter Sage is an Author, Celeb, Entrepreneur, and a Teacher. Peter has transformed many people and people are thankful to him for changing their lives. Peter sage was born in Leicester, UK. His father was a scrap merchant and his mother was a youth worker.

His father was a non-believer. His mother used to work in church too. His parents were not the same on the level of thought. But he grew up with a business mind and he respected everyone as his parents made him learn so much. Peter married his current wife after having a relationship with her for years. They both understood each other’s choices and finally decided to tie the knot.

He is a master in human behavior and self-discovery. His way of looking at the world has rewarded him with the distinguished Brand Laureate Award for extraordinary persons. The previous winners were Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Christiano Ronaldo. Peter is a 6x TEDx speaker. His multiple #1 bestselling books are sold over 150,000 copies in many languages. He founded multiple 8-figure companies and raised over $1M for various charities.

Peter Sage Height and Weight

His height is around 5ft 7in. His weight is 75kg(approx). He creates his trend and does not follow anyone. Brand for a reason.

Peter Sage Net Worth 2022

Peter Sage’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $2 Million.

Peter Sage Speech

Peter Sage Ted Talk

Peter Sage Eye Color

His eye color is Gray.

Peter Sage Hair Color

His hair color is Brown.

Peter Sage Social Media Handles







Peter Sage is an Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Athlete, Philanthrophist, Mentor, Speaker, and Distinguished Award Winner. He is also a Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker and whatnot. He has inspired so many people and he is inspiring continuously through his social media platforms including youtube which is a great source to spread knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Peter Sage do?

Peter Sage is a renowned Author.

Who is Peter Sage’s Wife?

His wife’s name is Thea Sage.

What is Peter Sage known for?

He is known for his Self Mastery and Human Behavior Expertise.

What is the Estimated net worth of Peter Sage?

$2 Million

When was Peter Sage born?

He was born on June 13, 1972, in the UK.

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