There has been an open rivalry all through Detroit Lions instructional course at both the dropkick and kick bring spots back.

Lions lead trainer Dan Campbell gave an educational update on what's the deal with each return expert job before Thursday's training meeting at group central command in Allen Park.

The incumbent returners from 2021 are both back in 2022.

"We have a genuine decent feel of what we have in (Raymond) Leaf, and Godwin (Igwebuike) to a degree," Campbell said

We know what those players are and what they can do, so now let’s see if somebody catches our eye or can really surpass that.”

One player might have done that in the second preseason game.

Wide recipient Maurice Alexander had two magnificent kick returns against Indianapolis, showing speed increase, vision and the capacity to break a tackle.

Yet, Campbell affirmed that Raymond and Igwebuike are as yet his starters.

He then went to Igwebuike, who has confronted difficulties from Alexander and youngster WR Kalil Pimpleton all through camp.

"I would agree that right now that Godwin (Igwebuike) is the kick returner," Campbell checked.