Tiktok star Gabbie Hanna's page has now become daily news for her unsual and emotional videos

Gabbie - - who has in excess of 7 million supporters and goes by the name "TraumaQueen"

The recordings, all only a couple of moments long, showed Gabbie in her home madly giggling, crying, hollering

LAPD sources let us know the upsetting recordings prompted an inundation of calls from individuals stressed over Gabbie's prosperity

We're told Gabbie greeted officers at her door and chatted for a few minutes before officers called for a psychological evaluation team.

Our sources say clinical experts had a long visit with Gabbie and decided she didn't represent a danger to herself or any other person ... so they permitted her to stay in her home.

We're told Gabbie was also given resources for the next time she may become upset.

it appears trolls on Gabbie's account may have played a role ... recently mocking her for claiming she wanted to "save the world."

The posts from Gabbie seemingly stopped after the police and psych team left her home. –  SHARE ON FACEBOOK